Coordinate measuring


Optical metrology

Surface Measuring

X-Ray Systems

X-Ray Systems

Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machines

Measurement results with high accuracy are particularly important for quality assurance. Bridge coordinate measuring machines from ZEISS have a precise probe system that convinces with high measuring speed. The various solutions and systems can be tailored directly to individual requirements.

Simple and reliable: Optical measurements

Complex measurements can be performed quickly and easily with optical measuring solutions from ZEISS. With a high degree of automation and state-of-the-art sensors, they reduce operating errors and guarantee high measuring accuracy. A variety of optical measuring systems such as ZEISS O-SELECT, ZEISS O-INSPECT, ZEISS COMET and ZEISS T-SCAN are available.

Surface, Contour and Form Measuring Machines

ZEISS works with Japanese measuring machine manufacturer ACCRETECH, the leading provider in the field of surface, contour and form measuring machines. Form and surface measuring systems seamlessly integrate into the range of industrial measuring technology from ZEISS. This partnership ensures that our customers have a global service network.

Industrial CT- and X-Ray Solutions

To examine things, to get to the bottom of them, to get to their core – this desire has always driven science, research, and development. X-ray technology from ZEISS has provided perfect insights for years in these and other areas.

When it comes to quality and process control, it reveals what would otherwise remain hidden from even the most watchful of eyes – without  destroying the part.

Industrial Microscopy Series

170 years of experience and unmatched data-processing capabilities across all devices: With its comprehensive portfolio of application-oriented and connected industrial microscopy solutions, ZEISS helps you turn data into actionable information and make the right decision faster.

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