Industrial Computed Tomography with ZEISS METROTOM

With a industrial computed tomography system from ZEISS, you can successfully perform measuring and inspection jobs yourself with only one X-ray scan. The standard acceptance test, the precision engineering and the sophisticated calibration process ensure the traceability of the system. Linear guideways and a rotary table meet customers’ highest demands for precision.

The ZEISS METROTOM family has been offering reliable CT technology for quality control for twelve years. The third generation of the computed tomography (CT) system ZEISS METROTOM 1500 provides the best proof that advanced and reliable X-ray technology is no longer a vision of the future. You can future-proof your quality control – today.

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In the third generation, a new 3k detector generates 3D volume data sets with higher resolution, i.e. more voxels permitting the detection of smaller defects.

Scan faster.

The scan time can be reduced by up to 75% through different operation modes of the detector, while achiving a comparable voxel size as with a 2k detector.

Measuring and inspecting complete components

The ZEISS METROTOM is an industrial computed tomography system for measuring and inspecting complete components made of plastic or light metal. With traditional measuring technology, hidden structures can only be inspected after the time- and cost-consuming process of destroying the component layer-by-layer.

Measurement of a light metal component

Measure a lot of characteristics easily and precisely

With ZEISS METROTOM computed tomography system, numerous component characteristics are scanned in one run. The resulting measurements are precise and traceable. Unlike contact measuring methods, ZEISS METROTOM is significantly faster when capturing numerous measuring points.


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