The flagship for contour and surface measuring technology

SURFCOM CREST features high resolution and a laser-interferometric measuring system and is often used in calibration labs.


Precise, universal, dynamic

SURFCOM CREST is setting new standards in accuracy and speed. The machine measures surface parameters and contours in one measuring run and impresses with its extremely good ratio between the measuring range and the resolution of 42,000,000:1.

This enables SURFCOM CREST to measure the slightest surface roughness and contours across a very large range – all within a single measuring run. SURFCOM CREST works in the Z axis using a laser interferometer as a measuring system, making it extremely precise.

The measuring station features a linear drive, ensuring that it is significantly faster and with lower vibrations than measuring machines with traditional spindle drives. The swiveling linear X tracing driver also enables greater flexibility with slanted workpieces.

The SURFCOM CREST flexes its muscles where precision and throughput are vital


Where precision and throughput are vital

SURFCOM CREST flexes its muscles where precision and throughput are vital: in the automotive technology, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries.

For example: SURFCOM CREST is ideal for lenses, precise bearings, drive spindles, rails, injectors, implants and precisely milled, ground, honed and lapped parts. This is why SURFCOM CREST is often found in calibration labs.

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